Need help with CT-200 and Sony DVD recorders

I have been making personal copies of broadcast movies for my own collection.

12/05 I bought a Sony RDR-VX515, then current model DVD rec/VHS. As soon as I hooked it up, I learned I could not record the desired movies from my DVR. I bought a CT-200 and have made numerous successful recordings.

But the VX515 had a normal failure rate of about 10% with various errors;i.e. didn’t record, wouldn’t finalize, etc. When it was going back to Sony for the second time, 01/07, I bought a Sony RDR-GX330, standalone DVD recorded.

It was hooked up with the CT-200 and I proceded to make many, many recordings without a single error.

02/07, Sony authorizes replacement of #1 unit, VX515, with current model, RDR-VX530.

I remove GX330 and install VX530 with CT-200. It still refuses to record, giving the copy protected error message. As a check, I reinstalled the GX-330 and proceded to record.

I also installed the GX330 with my other DISH receiver/TV without CT-200 and recorded programs from prime time network TV. Also did short test recordings from 6 different HBO channels and it recorded ok.

However, with the VX530 installed on the second receiver, it does not record from HBO, etc. It either recognizes the copyright immediately or it records about 8 seconds and then issues the error message.

Because I don’t remember how long the HBO test recordings were that I made with the naked GX330, I cannot verify that it would have continued to record successfully.

The first thing I learned when trying to buy a second CT-200 is that they are almost totally removed from the market, but I did find new ones and purchased.

From my ramblings, I think that the earlier DVD recorder/VHS combo, VX515, and the current DVD recorder only, GX330 work fine with the CT-200. There is a chance that the GX-330 may work without it.

But I have been totally unable to use the CT-200 successfully with the latest DVD recorder/VHS, VX-530.

Does anyone have any ideas?



Today, I had a couple of other questions regarding use of the VX530 and actually made it past the level one support at Sony.

Tech confirmed that the Macrovision lawsuit required them to beef up the copy protection in the VX530. Apparently, the CT-100 will be useless with some model recorders now.

I am now trying to find out whether the Dimax DVD Red Pro or Grex is available and whether it will do what I need.


I am in the same situation, I bought the RDR-VX530 and can not record through my satellite.

Have you found a solution for the VX530?

Someone has suggested the Grex, Have you heard anything about it?

While the Sima still functions on my GX330 DVD recorder, it would not function on my VX530.

I puchased the Grex, from Israel BTW, and their support assisted me in hooking it up so that I can successfully record directly from satellite.

I can’t say whether it would work for the dubbing process of a protected disk of VHS. I have dubbed one copied DVD to a VHS, but am not sure the original was copy protected.

To reassure yourself, you may want to exchange emails with Grex support prior to purchasing.

Good luck,


If you can’t record the TV shows you pay a monthly fee to receive you lose a major reason for buying a DVD Recorder or VCR. I have both the CT200 and Grex and have no issues with them.
I also have a Cable Company DVR and can record my premium channel shows to it however not the on demand ones which come free with my service - go figure

The new 2007 LG recorder is more sensitive to protection than the 2006 Panasonic recoders.

The GX330 DVD recorder, with the Sima CT-200, is the one I use for recording from my DISH DVR.

I have the VX530, with the Grex, hooked up to another TV with a regular satellite tuner. Since I don’t have the control over starting the recording that I do with the DVR, I typically use it for DVD-R VR format recordings so that I may edit the recording as needed.

I have not tried any on-demand movies, but I always assumed they would be recordable by the DVR.


I think it depends on you cable company. For my service both on-demand and pay per view is protected content and the companies DVR can not copy them yet the Grex does not indicate protection (flashing yellow) so I guess it is not needed recorder is a Panny ES25 or VCR. Another cable box goes to a replayTV 5000 and then to a Panny ES15 and has no problem recording. A split from the cable box go to a CT200 and then to a LG RC797T which will not record many cable programs (even the SciFi ch) without it.

One more odd thing about the companies DVR it even has the option “copy to VCR” so they must assume users of the DVR will copy the programs on it.

Years back TMC would advertise “TMC the perfect companion for your VCR” now companies are working hard to see you can’t copy any programs.