Need help with copying PC game onto my HD

Hello, I have a game, Civilization 4 :wink: and i’m tired of having to put in the CD just to play. I was wondering how to copy the entire game to my HD and play when I want to.

I have a Dell Laptop if that is important…

Thx, and I want to apologize if my question has already been answered in some other thread. I tried to use the search engine and couldnt find one that answered my specific question… It would be great if someone could just point me in the right direction.


P.S. I am going to be checking in every single sec :wink: I hope someone are willing to take the time to reply to a newbie. thx

Mmm well, you say “how can I copy it t enirely to HD”… nowadays there are almost no games that require the CD/DVD at all! Most of them just force you to put the CD/DVD on the tray for copy protection but that’s all… so what you need is a No-DVD crack for this one. I dont have the game, but ya might wanna check this out (Im having problems with the “wondeful” VBCode parser system in vB) and see if that works for you.

@darklordsatan: No, you’re having problems because I edited out the link to an illegal NoCD crack.

This is against the rules so please don’t do it again.