Need help with copy right cd

i have made a copy from a cd that is copy right i did with copying it first to the hard drive and after wards even the original did not work and wherever i put the cd in the drive it pops a message “cannot locate the correct cd rom please insert the correct cd in the drive and press ok” is any one know what kind of code it is and how to remove it i will appreciate
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So you say even the original CD doesn’t work anymore?
You’ve got newest ASPI drivers installed? link
Your master/slave settings of the CDrom/CDRW/HD drives are ok?

Another idea:

Some older programs and games need to the disc to be in the drive where you installed it from. Eg. when you installed the app/game from your D:\ drive you need to run the app/game from the same drive (and it won’t run from your E:\ drive)… Newer programs do not have his problem (at least none I know of).