Need help with CLONE DVD2

I have a 500Mhz PC, with 190Meg RAM, running Windows98. I am using a DVD burner, Lite-On DVDRW LDW-411S. I also have Any DVD running.
I have tried to make a backup of 2 DVDs without success:
Wayne’s World and The Complete Superman Collection Diamond Anniversary Collection (cartoons). With each, it starts to copy, and about 4% into it, I get this blue screen:
An exception has occured at 0028:C170AF60 in VxD—. This was called from…

Sometimes it just freezes.
Any help would be appreciated. This is the downloaded evaluation copy of both programs. I bought the stupid DVD Copy Platinum for $120 and it doesn’t work worth a *&^%! So I don’t want to spend more money on other programs that don’t work either.
Thanks for any help.

Chris :frowning:

Tracking down fatal exception errors in Win98 is a pain in the a$$… Your hardware specs seem to be kinda on the light side for burning. I would check to be sure DMA is enable on the IDE controller, defrag the hardrive prior to a burn, once the rip/burn is started don’t use the PC for anything until it’s completed. Good luck-

Thanks! I have successfully burned many DVDs using Platinum, but some DVDs it doesn’t seem to be able to break.
After I posted this, I tried using Platinum (with the ripper) AND AnyDVD together and was able to backup the Superman cartoons.
However, I still can’t copy Wayne’s world, even with that combination.
I always shut off any programs, and will do a Spybot scan before I try to burn because I understand some Spyware interferes with burning.
It just seems so hit and miss. I wish I could find something that works all the time.
Thanks again!

How about a new computer??!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Obviously the 2 sticks of memory in your PC do not match so try removing the 64MB and just use the 128MB. If you need more then add another 128MB of the same type.

Have to disagree with you on the mixing of different memory sticks.
On old computers you had to keep the same sizes, not so with newer ones.
I have two 256K sticks and one 512 stick. The 512 stick is in the # 1 slot and the two 256’s are in 2 & 3 slots. Windows recognizes all 1024 with no problems.

Do yourself a favor and avoid any future problems, get some more memory, it’s cheap enough and it is the most significant upgrade you can do to your computer. The 190 may be suitable for Win98, but todays applications are far more demanding then 190 can satisfy. Your applications will run much faster and you’ll really notice the difference.

Check the specs on your motherboard and make sure you don’t exceed the maximum memory the board can handle.


He has got an old computer: 500MHz with Win98 is old in my book! I gather you are using DDR where each slot is 1 bank whereas the old SDRAM used 2 slots per 1 bank.

When i speak old I’m talkin 486 vintage. I believe his shoud be a P3 500mg.

My machine is also old by todays standards, a P4 1.6 gig processor with the 1024 memory. It’s an Asus P4 motherborad that can handle up to 3 gigs of Sdram memory, but Sdram is also becoming obsolete, and 512 is max available.

I’m cheap so I don’t plan to upgrade just yet, works fine for me so I stick with it, I’m not a gamer so don’t need all the bells and whistles.

His 500Mhz box is probably running PC100 or maybe PC133. I doubt that he has more than two slots.

My machine is running pc133 and has 3 slots, each capable of 1 gig of ram on the Asus MB. Machine is about 4 years, and is quite fast, I attribute the speed to the generous amount of ram.

Hi guys and thanks for your responses. I believe I have 4 slots on my motherboard for RAM, but haven’t looked recently. The different memory chips have never given me a problem before. I would think if that was an issue, I would NEVER be able to make backup copies, and I have many times. I’m thinking it’s the copy protection that ANY DVD is supposed to take care of. Like I said, it wouldn’t do it by itself using DVD Copy2, but when I used it with the old Platinum that has the ripper in it, I was able to copy the Superman cartoon disk. Now, I just can’t copy Wayne’s World.
Has anyone been able to successfully copy Wayne’s World?

Thanks again!!!