Need help with cdrwin3.9b

i just got a lite-on 52x 24x 52x and it detects in the reader section in cdrwin but not the recorder section. does cdrwin support this drive? if not wat can i use to burn cue and bin files i tried fireburner but im getting a invalid something message and it wont burn. and whats this firmware stuff is there any other things you can do to these drives besides overclockin or dl new updates? can you also do it with ricoh drives?

thanks a lot it worked now what about those other questions?

You can use Nero or Burnatonce to burn bin/cue.
Fireburner hasn’t been updated in a while and often gives me errors opening cue files…don’t know why. I think it only gives me errors when double clciking a cue file…and opening from within fireburner usually works
Firmware is like a BIOS of the CDRW. The 52x cannot (yet) be overclocked. The updates are mostly for improved media compatibility.
Don’t know about Ricohs.

where can i get the best bios for the lite-on i have? and how do u open cue files with nero i thought they only open nrg files