Need help with Cd Extra problem

I’m trying to create a CD Extra with audio and data file. The data file runs normally on PC, but I’m having problems while playing the audio in CD Player.

The most common problem is for example, when track 3 finished and it continued by playing song from track 4 while the Player still indicating “03”. When it finished the indicator then proceed to track 4 and played the 4th song again.

I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. I tried to burn an audio CD with 60 tracks of songs without the data file but it still having the same problem.

Anyone had any idea on how to solve the problems? Thanks in advance.

PS: The audio file was originally in MP3 format and I was creating the CD Extra with Nero.

I would try not with Nero, it has bugs for some CD types.

So, do you have anyone recommendation of other software? Thanks.