Need help with CCD4

I use clone cd v, I installed the patch to allow AWS option but I still don’t have the options. I use a PX 4012A with the most up to date firmware. Any help would be great.

The patch succcess is not 100% all the time.

However you could always make a litle change in the regional settings !

If you decided to change the regional settings to something like canada or anywahere close to where you live, other than U.S. Japan, then you need to :

  • Uninstall Clone and delete the installed directory
  • Reboot
  • Change the regional settings as per above
  • Reboot
  • Re-install Clone
  • Try the AWS now again !

Standards and formats : English Canada
Location: Canada
Language and non-unicode: English Canada

all after I uninstalled CCD, rebooted then installed CCD 4 with no success. Still no AWS.

Should I try a dif region?

Originally posted by Solaris
Should I try a dif region?
hehe, yeah! :smiley: