Need Help With CCD format or Karaoke Player

I have alot of karaoke backed up to a drive in Clonecd format and would like to now be able to play this on the laptop but cannot find a karaoke player compatible.
I don’t want to have to drag disc’s around if I can play them on the laptop now.
Because Clonecd save to Image, CCD, and Sub format I haven’t been able to find anything that acknowledges it.
I contacted Clonecd and asked them if they knew of a program that would work with this format and they didn’t know of any.
I wouldn’t even mind if I could change the files.
This is what there letter said:

"We think you not only saved all files to CCD format but also assigned the
CloneCD (or even Virtual Clone Drive) to any kind of file extension.

You can revoke that in your “My documents” settings. "

Does anyone understand this, can you help me either find a compatible player or help me change these 500 + files so I can use them for something other than burning to a disc.

Welcome to CDF’s:

I noticed your nic (love the Beverly Hillbillys) and then realized no one has answered either of your 2 questions. I have no idea but will bump this one up for you…or did you find your answer?