Need Help With Buying DVD-BURNER

I have a Pentium 4, 3.0 with a 250gb hd. I have a samsung sh-w162c burner. I currently copy movies with it. I use ripit4me and then dvd shrink to burn my movies. I have been wanting to upgrade my burner so that I could burn the movies faster, and have been looking around these forums. Are there any suggestions on what I should get. I am looking at maybe getting a burner to rip the dvd then a seperate burner to actually burn it.

You won’t find another burner that rips faster than 12x.

12x is the rip speed that your Samsung burner currently supports. I doubt even the new 20x burners rip at faster speeds than that.

If you really want to have two separate drives but want to improve your ripping speed, then maybe you should consider purchasing a DVD-ROM drive.

So its not worth it to get like the Aopen 1648 and the BenQ 1655 instead of the on that I have?

You may give LG and BenQ a try. With MCSE, you can boost reading speed. However, BenQ is no more :sad:

LG H22N would be a good fit for you, besides MCSE stuff, LG burns the disc at 12/16/18X faster than most competitors.

A Benq 1650/55 would be good to get if you can find one. They’re excellent burners , good scanners & rippers.

Don’t get too carried away with speed as even with quality 16x media many here would burn at 12x or even 8x to get the best quality they can.

You should always run with more than 1 burner anyway as some burn a particular media dye better than others.

Oh and many burners will rip at up to 16x like Liteons & Benqs. But as this is only for the last gig or so the gain in time is not so great. Likewise for burning the time difference between a 16x burn and a 20x burn is a relatively few seconds.