Need help with buying a new Sata DVD-burner

I need a new dvd-burner and I have no clue where to start. It has to be affordable, reliable and most importantly, one that has good writing quality on cheap media.

So far I have found the following devices:

  • LiteOn LH-20A1S
  • Sony NEC OPTIARC AD-7170S
  • Samsung SH-S183A
  • Asus DRW-1814BLT

Another criteria would be that it has to work with linux, but I believe this wont be an issue. The only really important thing is that it writes without any problems on bad/cheap media. I have made a bad choice with my last buy and it’s really nagging me that I didn’t investigate beforehand.

Could anyone give me some advice on which of these burners is suited best for me, or is there a better choice? I’d really appreciate any help!

I think the Asus would be a good choose, I just bought mine (like 5 days ago, still testing though) and I have no problems with it. I’ve made some dvds and no problem yet, they all work fine. It’s silent and seems fast too (I’ve read it on a test that it’s slow but I didn’t find it slow, but it’s my first SATA DVDRW, it’s faster than my old IDE DVDRW).

I’ve used Fujufilm dvds (they like 2dvd for $1, cheepst here) they all ok. I don’t know if it will work with Linux though I have WinXp.

In overall it’s a good and cheep dvdrw, and also capable to LigthScribe, comes in a box with all extras + 2 years of warranty (atleast here it comes with 2 years of warranty). :wink:

I don’t really know the other ones but I hear LiteOn dvdrw-s are always good. Haven’t seen one from close yet though.

I’ve heard some troubles can occure with Samsung drives (it was a Lableflash drive I’v heard about not this certain one) and I hear the Nec AD 7170S is pretty good. It’s said to bee fast, and works pretty well, but they say it might have compatibility problems (don’t know what type though).

Hope I could help.