Need help with burning Music and pics to a CD

I am new with nero. And I ran on to this site by searchng. What I would like to know, is there a ( step by step ) instruction on how to burn your digital pic’s and add music to the same CD while viewing your pics. I tryed to look it up in the help menu on nero but like all instruction with products there sometime hard to understand. And is there a way you can check to see if it will burn OK otothe CD befor burning it… The reason I ask this is because I’ve tryed and I’ve wasted several CD’s Thanks !!!

Not much time now, so:

  1. Use RW’s - erase your mistakes

  2. For PC playback, you need something that will make a standalone slideshow with music.

  3. For DVD hardware playback, you need something that will make a VCD movie (low quality), or the rather more difficult VCD stills with music (better quality)