Need help with burning C&C 3 dual layer!

Ok im having a problem with burning C&C 3. Its a dual layer dvd and i have used A-120% and got the image off of it. Then i used the burning wizard to burn to my dvd-DL and nothing really happened. It had said it burned the image and on the disc u can see it was burned but when u put the dvd into the rom it wont read the dvd! Even when u go to my computer and try and open it from the dvd rom drive it says the dvd is blank. Plus for some reason when u put the burnt dvd in and u have my computer open it changes the dvd rom to a cd driveā€¦dont know why or how but it does!! Now can someone please help me out on this. I mean i can play the game just fine with the image from 120%. Just cant get it to burn on a dual layer. Any help would be nice. Thanks

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