Need help with burning an MPG to SVCD!

This is my first time burning a SVCD…so I need a little help… I added the file and it said it was below 700mb but when it is time to burn it said couldn’t fit. I trimmed a the quick credit at the end…then I burned it and it said it was 10mb over the limit so I clicked over burn the cd…

now I made a menu with this SVCD, but my menu came up as a black screen with the little thin image going through the center of the pic…I hit #1 on the remote and the video started, but the song was moving fast…my problem is if i trim it anymore I am going to have to cut into some of the performance…So is there anyway I can get the file size a little smaller so I can keep the video the way I want and still burn it?

And I have Nero 6.0 btw…

All help is appreciated…

can anyone help??

A SVCD only holds about 30 minutes of video and a VCD about 60. How long is the mpg you are trying to burn? You may have to split it.

That’s not really true. Yes, in a normal case it has about 30-45 min., but you can fit it
to about 75 min., by reducing the bitrate, quality. But like strachan said if it’s a movie with 130 min. for example, anyway you could then split the file! :wink:

Yor are right, rapid fire, but I always thought the quality was bad even at the highest bitrate. I would just go ahead and make a dvd instead of a svcd.

Agree, with you! Quality is not the best, personally i’d prefer the dvd format, too.

it is like 44 mins long…should I burn it as a VCD instead cause my dvd player does play them…and you guys have any solutions on the menu problem??? I upgraded to 6.6 lastnight but I haven’t tried to burn another copy yet…

The best way would be to try it, if you’re satisfied with the vcd quality, then it’s ok.
If not just try to convert to dvd and for the menu have a look in in NVE in your configurations. In the preview window where you see the remote, you could see if the
menu is workin right!

Do you have a DVD burner Stalyon777? or just a CD-RW?

I successfully burned it as a VCD with Nero lastnight…menu came out the way I wanted it also…I tried SVCD before I did the VCD and it still said the file was too big…I am happy with the way it came out cause I just wanted to on video somehow…I also downloaded Windvd cause I am gonna try and make it an actual DVD now and I have someone who is gonna help me with that…thanks for everyones help!

Why don’t you use nerovision express to make the DVD? Isn’t that what you used to make the VCD?