Need help with burning a movie

I recently just got into this backing up and burning and just need a little help.
I just downloaded DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink and all went well after making some more space on my computer for the burning process and all and came up with a problem where my player (Interactual Player) for playing movies says that the DVD region does not correspond with my DVD player and cannot play the movie. So i went back to DVD Shrink and changed it from region free to just region 4 since i live in Australia. When looking at what disc is in the drive it says the movie name but when trying to watch the movie nothing works. Everything else went fine from decrypting the DVD to then Shrinking and putting it on my DVD-RW TDK disc.
Can anybody please help with my problem?

Download IFOEdit and then open the video_ts.ifo file on the DVD. Expanding VMGM_MAT should show you what region codes are included in the DVD. Try another player, IFOEDit can play a DVD once you’ve open the video_ts.ifo.