Need help with burn failure

I have been burning TDK+R with different versions of nero for a couple of years now and have not encountered many problems until recently. About a week ago, i started getting approx 1 failure out of every 4-6 disks when burning with nero 7. I had been using nero 7 for a while without problems. I checked the dvd drive (HP640b) and it says it is working properly, I have reinstalled the drive, I have re downloaded and reinstalled nero 7, and now I have tried nero 6 and still have the same problems. The failure cause was usually different on each burn, (no seek complete error, failure to read error). Can someone please help me, I’ve been doing this for a while but really don’t know much to troubleshoot this issue.

Hi HippieCat (nice nick! :bigsmile: )

Can you post a Nero log (if you’re OK with sacrificing another disc!)?

Also, it may not be relevant, but can you get the Media ID for those TDKs (use Nero CD-DVD Speed, found in Nero’s Toolkit)?

Just out of curiosity, have you tried another brand at all?

Edit: while you’re checking things out, is DMA enabled? Thread on enabling it here:

Sorry for the barrage of questions!


I saved the last log so if I can figure out how to post it I will. I have tried other disks in the past but found that TDK+R seemed to be the most consistent. I have been using the TDK+R for over 2 years now with no malor problems like this. No idea if DMA is enabled but I will check.

DMA is available on all.

Here’s the log

All I can think of is that TDK have used a different manufacturer for the media you’re using now…however, a Nero log will probably help anyone else who wants to help (when you reply, look down the reply page to where it says Manage Attachment, browse to the Nero log file on your PC and hit Upload).

Edit: Ignore that, I see you posted it. From your log, I’d guess it’s a media problem (see what I wrote above - I’ve had good results from CMC MAG E01, but it can vary), but someone else may have another answer.

I have sent the log, and the time this started happening was with a new 50 pack. Every disk in my old 50 Pack went fine, the next 50 had problems so I opened another 50 and some of them had problems. Seems to have happened when i bought 2 new 50 packs that were on sale at CC for $16.99.

what’s the media ID of the old discs that worked?

what’s the media id of your new discs that aren’t working?

media id can be found in the Disc Info tab of Nero cd-dvd speed.

do you have the latest firmware for your drive?

That makes a lot of sense - I’d guess they used a different manufacturer for your “good” discs (this time, according to your log, the manufacturer is CMC Magnetics - the discs from the first 50-pack may well have been TDK-manufactured (as well as TDK-branded)).

Reasonsnotrules - according to HippieCat’s log, the suspect discs are CMC-manufactured. :slight_smile:

I will check the media ID for both and i do not know if i have the latest firmware. I don’t know much about firmware, i have tried to find it though and couldn’t.

ahh thanks, i missed the log.

lots of people have issues with CMC so that doesn’t surprise me. now it’s a matter of finding whether the old discs that work were a different manufacturer or not…


How much do you want to bet that they were a different manufacturer… :bigsmile:

It makes sense to me because it started right with those 2 new 50 packs. I opened my sisters 50 pack to burn and the 3rd and 10th and 13th disk had failures, so I stopped using her disks, burned the remaining 6 of my old 50 pack fine. Then I had more errors with hers, opened my new 50 pack from the same store/approx date of purchase and they had failures about 1 of every 5-6 disks. I have 1 more unopened 50 pack that I bought because they were on sale for a great price, i should probably take it back if indeed the others (good) disks are from adifferent manufacturer.

That might be a good idea!

Weird how you find a deal that good and the disks are possibly junk.

Don’t feel too bad, I think most of us have had that experience - I know I definitely have! :slight_smile: