Need help with BTC USB1008UI

I picked one of these up from Staples ($38.50 out the door) on the way to work this morning. Plugged it into my machine here at work (900Mhz Celeron/WIN2K/USB 1.1). What I’m finding is that the drive is able to read CDs but not DVDs, even backed up single layer movies. Also DVDInfoPro shows it as not being able to read DVD+R DL media.

Is the problem with my computer here and the USB 1.1 or is it the drive itself? I used LiveUpdate to upgrade the firmware from the original 0056 to 0159. That went smoothly but there has been no change. I put in a DVD and it still can’t read it. InfoPro is still showing that it can’t read DL media.

I’ll be able to hook it up to a USB 2.0 connection when I get home.

Nevermind…I took that piece of crap back and got a Pacific Digital (rebadged Lite-on 851 External) for $36.50, so I made out better and got it for $2.00 less!