Need help with bitsetting



I have a sony dvd-rw d22a drive that i flashed to the Liteon 1633S BS0S firmware. I need to know how to change my bisetting to -rom from +r so it will read commercial dvds. It was a suggestion somone gave me a couple days ago but I cannot get ahold of him. I have no dvd decoders installed, I tried the ati and nvidia ones with my drive with no luck besides playing dvd-r movies and data cds and audio. I did use nerd 6.0.3 but unistalled all of the nero software to see if it would fix anything. But I still have no luck. Any ideas out there people? If i cant get any anwers in the next day I am gonna send back this drive to new egg. I just really want to back up some dvds I own and try out some dual layer burning. I will atach my nero infotool text from earlier tonight. THank you so much for your time and help.


1/ Download the BookType Utility from Liteon’s site.
2/ Insert a blank +R disc.
3/ Run the utility
4/ Select -ROM and set it.

That’s it. With BS0S the drive will retain the setting, even after a reboot or shutdown. :slight_smile:

Note, the setting only takes effect on the next burn.

Also checkout [thread=109986]this FAQ[/thread] in the stickies, at the beginning of this forum.


Hello and thank you for the help. The first commercial dvd I put in loaded up and played fine! But the second wont load which is strange because it is a week old. I have tried about 8 dvds and only had luck with two of them to play. I dont know if i should return this drive or what. It burns fine, but I cant rip dvds if I can only read like 25 percent of the ones I insert. Any opinions on what I should do now?


commercial dvd???

by bitsetting your DISCS to -ROM, they will be more compatible with older dvd-players. bitsetting has NOTHING to do with bought discs (movies, games, etc…)

the problem in ripping is due to copy-protections or rip-lock. look at the site in C0deKing’s signature.


Yes, chok0 is right. For movie backup, check out the DVD Movie Backup and Copy Software Forum. Especially the Guides and Tutorials sub forum. Also checkout DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter and AnyDVD.


just thought I would put in my 2 cents worth,

are all the DVD’s the same region as your burner (your burner is currently set to region 1), it may be that your drive is set to a different region than the commercial DVD’s that you are trying to play!


yes my dvds are all bought in north america, thus using region 1. I will post a better update when I read through the dvd help stuff.


Does it also apply to BS41 firmware?


I havent got any help in the dvd forum. I really dont know what the hell to do with this drive now. It makes a strange noise when trying to read my store bought region 1 dvd’s. I really am lost now with what to do. What drive should I get for 60 bucks or less that will do a better job of reading dvds and ripping them and burning.


I suggest trying it in another PC if it still plays up return the drive and get it replaced after reflashing with the latest Sony fw or orig firmware if you have it.
There is always going to be that odd faulty drive so if you swap it for another LITE-ON, Pioneer or NEC you may get another faulty one but the chances are slim.

You could just get it replaced because it only a couple of weeks old (after flashing it back to standard fw) or get it replaced with one of the other 2 drives I mentioned.

I have a Pioneer 108 and it works just fine with good quality +/- R media, but you don’t have the utils or support (from forums) that the Lite-On drives have, so far I haven’t needed any modds for that drive.

My Lite-On 812S loves RICOHJPNR02 media so that is all I feed it and I have no problems doing that.

It is a bit of a gamble on which drive to purchase there seems to be just as many faults per quanity sold with each brand. Lite-Ons as a rule prefer +R media to -R so if you are using -R media I would suggest a different brand drive than a Lite-On.


@ md4343
Have you tried the drive in a different computer to see if it behaves similarily? There has been a rash of ‘non-DVD-reading’ drives going around and many times the problem was solved by a new, more powerful PSU.


My drive is first a sony oem drive ( dw22a) and now it is flashed to a lite-on 1633s drive. How do I flash it back to the original sony? Because I am sending it back to newegg for a new drive and hopefully it will work this time!


If you backed up your firmware before crossflashing it you should be able to use the codeguys eeprom util to restore it. If you didn’t back it up you may need to start a new thread asking for a copy of your Sony firmware, I’m sure someone that has crossflashed their drive will have a backup copy. :wink:


You can get it here. The best site for firmware: dhc014’s Firmware Collection. :slight_smile:



I had a quick look for the Sony fw before I posted and I must admitt that even though I have a link to in my shortcuts it must of been the only one I didn’t click on. :stuck_out_tongue:


There you go just download a copy of the firmware from the link C0deKing has supplied and use the eeprom util link located in C0deKings sig and reflash, make sure you have selected the right drive before you start the flash, with any luck your drive will back to orig and then you can return it :wink:


I downloaded the sony firmware which is a bin file. I tried to open it up in eeprom utility and it says “invalid eeprom file”. Do I need to burn this because it is a bin file? Then what?


Sorry I thought that had a fw flashing util in it try this link

After downloading it, just browse to the bin file

Make sure you have selected the correct drive in the drop down box

Select update and update bootcode

Select start

Wait for it to finish then reboot your PC and it should now report it self as a Sony


I loaded the bin file and hit update, it said it was done after a bit and nothing has changed. Can you go into more detail with this program and what I need to do exactly.


I just added instructions to my post above, see how you go using them.


Thank you so much sir, for your time and knowledge. My drive is now a sony hehe, and is gonna be sent back. I dont know if I am getting credit back or a new sony drive in return from newegg, but hopefully I have luck with a replacement if that is the case.