Need Help with Benq DW400A



I have been trying to figure out what happened to my dvd+rw 4x4x12 drive, it was working fine. I tried doing the firmware. But I noticed under Device Manager under details some of the selections are blank. Does anyone know if I need software too for this burner? And if so where I can find it. What happens when a burner dies? The eject option works, and lights flash like it wants to complete the command, but then nothing. I am running XP, and I was using Nero. I reinstalled the OS, and it seemed to work fine! Now the drive doesn’t seem to be recognized. Could it be a virus? :sad: I have been researching for almost a month and still I can’t get this thing to work. The troubleshooter asks for the cd if I need to reinstall drivers. Where can I get drivers for the Benq DW400A? It is hardly mentioned if at all on this site. Is it that old? I think it may be workable which is why I keep trying to understand what has happened.