Need help with Benq 1625

Hello everyone I just purchased a benq 1625 and I also purchased an external enclosure. I hooked everything up and turned it on and the computer did not recognize it. When I hooked ny NEC 3540 up the computer recognized and installed it right away. What can i do to rectify the problem. I purchased the retail version of this drive from NewEGG. I looked on add new hardware in the control panel, but I didnt want to mess with that just yet any help is greatly appreciated.


Anychance you could give more info. Always useful are…

  1. OS version
  2. Enclosure manufacturer.
  3. Enclosure interface, Firewire/1394a, USB2, SATA?
  4. Enclosure chipset manufacturer and version, eg Cypress Semiconductor, Initio, Oxford, Agere, other I can’t remeber off hand…
  5. Is the drive spinning up when powered?
  6. Does the drive work when installed inside the computer?

The last couple aren’t strictly necessary, but they do show that you had a go at remedying your issues.

Get back to us and we’ll see what we can do


Hello thanks for the reply! Well here is a little bit more info on the problem. I am running XP on my Dell 8400. The enclosure that I got is a Venus DS USB 2.0 external enclosure with Cyprus ATA-6 Chipset made by AMS. The drive powers up and everything when I plug it in and turn it on but thats all, XP dosnt install the drive or anything like that. I have not opened up the computer because I just dont want to do that which is why I bought the external drive. I have tried messing around with everything that I know of to get it to work with no luck. I have read a couple other posts that say that there is little luck with the Cyprus chip, but that was a while ago and maybe they have come out with a remedy. If the drive is not going to work can anyone give me a link or sugggestion to one that will. all of your help is appreciated.