Need help with BenQ 1620

Having some trouble burning with my 1620. At first i was using generic discs and when trying to burn them it would either freeze up or have errors once it was done. I went out and bought a 4-pack of Mitsumi discs and they worked. I then bought a spindle of the same discs and now it wont work again. I tried many things which i found in this forum such as the 3 steps to converting it to a retail BenQ 1620 (B instead of G). That worked but it still wont burn. I’ve tried using Nero and Sonic but it will ususally freeze up under 10% of completion. I am going crazy here playing with this. Please someone help me! The latest firmware i flashed was the B7T9, however the B7P9 also didnt work. Nothing works!!

I too purchased a bunch of Mitsumi discs from FutureShop and have since determined that they are very poor quality discs.

Use DVD Identifier to determine the real manufacturer of the discs.

Chances are that the 4-pack and the spindle are made by different manufacturers - even though they both say Mitsumi.

Go with a better name brand disc and chances are that your problems will vanish. The 1620 prefers +R discs so make sure they’re +R’s as well. Read some of the posts in here to determine what discs people like for their 1620’s.