Need Help With BD Builder

Hello all … I’m trying to back up the extend version of my copy of Avatar. I used Fab to download it to my computer, but I don’t see the extend one,:disagree: just the theatrical version.

I’m new to burning blu ray and BD builder … is there a way I can get the extended backed up?

Thanks for reading my post:clap:



Ok … I was able to get some help from :bow:Kerry 56 and solved the problem. I had to look in the BDMV file and I found the extended movie in the stream folder and I knew I found it because, it was the biggest file.

Shrink DVD is much more user friendly compare to BD Rebuilder … finding the right file can be tricksee:iagree:
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Glad you got it sorted out spirittoo. If you have issues with BD Rebuilder in the future, make a thread in the Video Editing forum. I don’t always check here in the Movie Copy forum.