Need Help With Band Of Brothers

Trying to back up my copy of the Band Of Brothers…
I have Fab God 3176 willnot work
3206 will not work
and 3210 will not work also
I have a Dell with 3 gig my dvd is a HL-DT-ST GWA41648
Tryed main move I get copy process starts task time left 15:00
will go to time left 1:17 83.25% and start going up I also get Error while reading. Please choose what to do I press ignore all…

When trying to do full disk i get Task1 failed Error=400 3VTS_01_6VDB
966627328 2048
I hope someone cand help me out with this one
PS. This is the first time I had some thing go wrong with FAB GOLD


The DVD is released in 2002, which doesn’t contain special protection.

The error means DVDFab cannot read the disc, maybe your disc is dirty/scratched, please clean it and try again to see the result.

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I backed up the set using decrypter and shrink successfully.
If the disk seems okay but your still having problems I would use ripit4me with the associated programs, just search for it on the site and read up.
I use this combo all the time and haven’t had a failure yet, best of all it’s all free although no longer supported.

I own the full set ($85), backup went fine with anyDVD and cloneDVD2. Great set everyone should buy it.

I don’t understand why people always said I can backup it with bla bla bla.

As I said, the disc doesn’t contain special protection, it can be backup with DVDFab Gold, maybe the disc is faulty so that DVDFab cannot read it, and of course other program cannot read it too.

The customer bought DVDFab Gold, and want it to work. If you want to help, give us suggestion to make DVDFab Gold work.


HI Thanks for all the help this is the first time i ask for help and this is what i get … cleand all 6 disc and that did not work keep geting error while reading. Please choose what to do??? Well i guest i am out of luck with this one. will have to go bye a new copy to copy…
boy i hope i do not need help agan…

There are many instances of bad source discs. Just because the disc can be read, does not mean not can be backed up. I would try another disc.:iagree:

You might try a different optical drive if you have another one on your machine. If the disc has paper or plastic labels, remove them. They can make the disc wobble when played back, getting worse further out from the center. As a test, go to Common Settings–>Read and click the button that says Ignore All Reading Errors Automatically.

I have tryed all 6 disk that come with the set… same thing with allError while reading.

I do not have another drive …no paper or plastic on them right

when i do ignore all reading error it get to 98.27% and then takes two to three hr. to do the rest .73%
Thanks for all the help

Check your UDMA modes make sure it not slip into PIO.

Hi ALAN1476
I do not know what you are talking about UDMA mode Slip into PIO???

Read this please:

Fasiene- I think I messed around with band of brothers once and had no problem. It took some time though as there is several episodes on one disk. I used shrink I think at the time and redid each episode to cut all unwanted material out and shrunk it to fit on 3 disks.

As the above person I never have problems which is why I use DVD Decryptor to rip and DVD shrink to re author and burn with Nero.

Use Decryptor to rip simply because it is quick and has a 99.9% success you can rip with DVD shrink but WHY? it does not work as well.

When burning with Nero you do not open Nero you use the burning utility in DVD shrink and it burns with Nero without actually opening the software.

Now all of the above software is either free ware or can be obtained for FREE so if you are having issues with substandard software you actually purchased then you might consider this a wake up call because the over the counter can be purchased software will not work nearly as well as the free ware stuff designed by Hackers.

Gold , platinum, silver??? used to own X-copy crap software that used to change the names of the software to make you think you were getting better stuff. It was a crap however.

DVD shrink works so well the major movie companies paid the guy a lot of cash to stop updating the software. Instead of fighting him in court they paid him off because every time they changed their encoding he would issue an update the next day to work around it. Do not download the last version of DVD shrink as it does not work as well as former versions simply because it was part of the agreement.

The OP is asking for help with FAB Gold not asking for free stuff as you stated, and just what are you going to do when all the free stuff goes away, start crying?

In this particular instance the FREE stuff just happens to be the stuff that works and since he can download the FREE stuff in a matter of moments it is not like he has to invest time or money.

I started out BUYING the software and dealing with companies that said it did what it truly did not. X-copy and learned the hard way that if this software he is using is so wonderful and great? Then why hasn’t the mega rich movie industry squashed them like a bug?

I’ll tell you why it is because the so called DVD Software you can purchase now is a BIG compromise in quality. If you compress these big budget CG affects movies from 7.5 gig or more onto a 4.7 gig disc you are going to get a lot of sub standard video that will stand out like a sore thumb on a high Def wide screen TV. If you have a 27" with RCA jacks on the back chances are you will never know the difference.

DVD shrink “the FREE STUFF” is probably the only software out there were you can still get a high definition high quality copy with compression.

The guy was asking for HELP burning this particular title. My solution will work on this and future problems. oh and by the way DVD Decrptor will remove the copyright encoding on virtually every DVD out there not just older titles. works on transformers and Spiderman 3 and if I am not mistaken Spiderman 3 has been released to the public for what ? 21 hours at best.

Not telling him to toss the software he has or even purchase new software only letting him know there is a better alternative for FREE

FWIW, I backed up my Band of Brothers set without any problems using platinum about 3 months ago. No problems whatsoever. It must be your reader or the originals. Sounds like a reading problem to me.


Like others, I had no problem backing these discs up way back when, with platinum
Anyway, I don’t see that you’ve updated to the most recent gold version…maybe I missed it?
If that doesn’t work, you could download platinum and use it as a 30 day free trial. It won’t cost you anything. Frankly, it’s tough to tell what’s happening without specifics and digging deeper.

No software works perfectly on every disc, everytime.

You can also try dvddecypter as already suggested. Chances are very good that it will work since the discs were released in 2002.
I have great respect for dvddecrypter and shrink and I still have them on my rigs although I never use them these days.
On the other hand, I take serious issue with the statement that freeware will decrypt “virtually every dvd out there”, or that freeware is somehow “better”.
If someone prefers to use freeware and wants to take the extra steps that’s just fine, but I find the referenced assertions…arrogant and pretentious.

I did it with dvdshrink and fit them onto 4 disk no problem.
Took each episode off seperately