Need help with backing up vhs

First is the quality of backing up a vhs worth it? If it is what kind of device do I need(capture card)?

Dont reall care but their are a few movies i would like to put on dvd. If they would put them on it in store i would just buy them but cant find them


Most people backup vhs to keep the memorys alive. Basically you won’t get any improvement in quality and you may in fact lose some quality.

To do this you are going to need a half decent computer and a capture card of some sort. I have done camcorder to computer before and after playing around with the setting for a while got some good results.

If you want to keep it then this is certainly one way of doing it.

Thanks for help womble. Its just movies. I think I’ll just wait till I find them on dvd so I dont loose quality. Plus the tend to remake them so graphic may look alot better anywaks
thanks again


many shops will do it for about $20 so unless its not avauluable its probibly worth rebuying it, a capture box is only worth it if you have loads to transfer (about more than 10 and then it is worthwhile)