Need help with AVI to DVD

Brand new here. I have a DivX movie in AVI format I want to burn to DVD. Tried DVDSanta last night, it corrupted it, poor video and terrible audio on DVD. What’s the best method to convert AVI files and burn to DVD? I have Roxio 7 Media Creator and Nero 6 Ultra Edition but can’t seem to use any of these programs to do what I want.

Nero 6 Ultra’s NeroVision Express 2/3 is about the simplest program i know of to do this, about it “corrupting” the file, does the file play fine normaly? make sure you have the correct DivX and audio codecs installed first.


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edit: for the divx codec

Does the AVI file have to be converted into another file format before I can burn it to DVD? That’s my problem … I can’t find out exactly how to do this in either Nero or Roxio.

nope, just open NeroVision Express, click Make DVD>DVD Videa, then drag and drop the avi files, and follow the instrucions on-screen.

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Cool, thanks. I’ve got the Divx codec form, what about the latest audio codecs?

it depends what audio the video uses, there isnt any way to find that out i know of, can you here sound when you play it in media player?

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Yes, audio and video are fine in Windows media Player.

cool, have you tried burning it to dvd then?

Nero has problems too (errors or it just mysteriously shuts down before it burns). They claimed the problem would be fixed in the new version but it wasn’t. They say they are aware of the problem and are working on it though. Hopfully it will get fixed soon. In the mean time, does anybody else have any recomendations of an alternative method that is reliable?
Fyi, here is a thread on the nero problem including several posts from an ahead rep.

Thanks bcn and ripit, I’m actually at the office, away from my home/office PC that has the DVD burner, I’ll give it another shot tonite. Cool forum here, BTW.

let us know if it works or if you need any more help.


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I have good luck with InterVideo WinDVD Creator 2. Very easy to use and does a good job.

The issue’s never been real clear to me. My Mini-DV delivers beautiful .avi files, but when I convert them to DVD-compatible files, they lose all their snap because of the compression. I understand if you sit and fiddle interminably with settings that you can get acceptable results, but the .avi files are always going to look better.

BTW, .avi files on a DVD won’t play on a DVD player. They do have to be converted and, if they’re copy protected, the copy protection has to be stripped. Avi files also take up gobs of room.