Need help with AVI to DVD-R

Hello all. First post here, and I’m very new at video editing, so bear with me.

I have 4 AVI files, each about an hour’s worth of video at 328x252 resolution (strange res, I know). I want to combine them together, take out the commercials (it’s a video of a baseball game), and put the whole thing on a DVD that’ll play in my stand-alone DVD player.

What I’ve tried so far is converting the AVI’s to WMV, then to MPEG-2 with ASF Converter, then trying to author the DVD with Adobe Encore DVD. This, however, yields horrible resolution as I had to increase the resolution on the videos to 720x480 to use them in Encore.

Is there a way to increase the resolution without abandoning quality all-together? I haven’t had too much luck with my trial and error approach to this, so any help with any of it would be great.

Maybe it’s not the answer you expect, but since the resolution is lousy, why don’t you make 2 KVCDs? 1 KVCD= about 120-130’ of movie. It’s very easy, fast and cheap.
Remember that garbage in ==> garbage out. The ‘resolution’ can go 720x480 but only by enlargng the old image!!! The overall quality will remain equal (or less).
You just need to download the KVCD templetes for TMPGenc (I use the 352x240/288 which makes a small file with VCD-type quality) from and to multiplex the output video (which has no sound, alas) with a standard mpeg-1 made from the same AVI choosing, as type, ‘Video CD Non standard’ (or you’ll lose the small size).
2 CD-R are cheaper than 1 DVD-R and reallly faster to make.
If you accept their quality, you can also use the templates which make you fit 180’ or even 360’ of movie on a CD-ROM!!


My suggestion would be to use Tmpgenc Plus Mpeg Encoder to do one of two things:

Either Encode the non-standard res to DVD res and author to DVd using Tmpg DVD Author or DVD lab(my all time favourites, not binding on you of course[You could use any authoring software you are comfortable with]. But as Aldaco12 rightly mentioned the quality will be as bad as the source(only enlarged, but I’ve heard of something called Bicubic Resize which takes significatly longer to encode but the quality is said to be far better, I don’t know whether Tmpgenc does this by default or even if this setting exists, but this applies a logarithmic process on each pixel to enlarge it, so far have only used this on photos.)


You could make a SVCD out of it(KVCD’s are not supported by many players at least not in my region but SVCD being a Philips format most DVD players do support them. In this case use the SVCD templates in Tmpgenc and then Use VCDEasy to make the SVCD using the encoded output file. VCDEasy makes the most compatible SVCD’s for all players that I know of.

Hope this helps.