Need Help With AVI to DVD and Menu Creator

I need a little help choosing the proper software to do this. I tried a program called Super DVD Creator 9. It was very simple to use but the end result was a disc that doesnt play in any players. I just want to throw some TV episodes onto a dvd disc to play in a stand alone player. The files I have are in DiVx AVI format. I want to convert them to DVD Video Files. I also need to create a menu. Thanks in advance

There are many different programs to do what you want. Ulead makes some good all-in-one programs, like Ulead Movie Factory 6 or Studio 10.

Some people, including myself, prefer a separate mpeg encoder and dvd authoring tool instead of a single package. Again, there are a lot of choices. TMPGenc Plus is a relatively inexpensive mpeg encoder that will give you a high quality output. Pegasys, the makers of TMPGenc, also have authoring programs, though I prefer DVDLab Pro, but it is probably overkill for your needs. Free authoring programs include DVDStyler and GUIforDVDAuthor.

I believe all the commercial programs I mentioned have trial options, so try a few and see how they work for you before buying anything.

so the quality will be better if I use a seperate program to encode the dvd files?

Not necessarily. It’s just that no one program will do everything and do it well. The best quality encoder currently available for the newbie is probably TMPGEnc4. Dedicated authoring tools will do a better job with menus and such if you like to use templates for menus.

Many experienced folks like to use an encoder to create MPEG2, then use those files to author a DVD in an authoring program. You also have to watch the video file sizes if you want to limit yourself to DVD5, which is 4.4GB.

Personally, I don’t care for the Ulead encoder, but their programs are great for “one-click” DVD creation fans. They also have fully functional trials.