Need help with Aspi drivers

Here are the facts. Running a Plextor drive 24/10/40A with Roxio Platinum software on Win XP Pro.
I recently updated the latest Aspi drivers by downloading the utility from It keeps on installing the wrong drivers even though I follow all their instructions.
The drivers that should be installed are:
Aspixp.sys version 4.70
Wnaspixp.dll version 4.70
Instead it keeps installing Aspi32.sys and Wnaspi32.dll. with version #’s 4.70

Instructions state; to install go to start-run “install.bat XP32” which should install the XP drivers.
To install the Aspi32.sys and wnaspi32.dll it states to use command :install.bat X86.
I believe those drivers are for Win98, ME and NT.
I am really confused since the drivers I need are in the install directory but it keeps installing the wrong ones. I tried to copy them to the proper directories but that didn’t work since I’m certain by doing it that way the registry did not receive proper instructions and they won’t load.

Has anybody else experienced this and can somebody please offer some advice in getting the drivers installed correctly.

:slight_smile: Hi!
I did this when I wanted to check and update mine
Go here and download Aspi check and any others you fancy.
You can get an update here, too.

I thought it was that easy, an Im new to a lot of this!
Al Bags.


Thanks for the link but I already have aspichk.exe, it comes with the Aspi driver update.
Looks like I never had a problem in the first place. Sometimes I’m not too bright, and can’t see what’s right before my eyes.
I suspected something was odd when after looking at all the files in the download. The 4 drivers included for XP (2 32 bit & 2 64 bit)
were not compressed as were all the other drivers.
Turns out the program copies them to aspi32.sys and wnaspi32.dll files. and then runs a Win XP registry entry.
The drivers are named identically for all OS but for XP there are added entries.
With the other 4 OS it just decompresses and installs.

Well glad you got it sussed, well look at you sitting in NY !
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