Need help with Arcsoft ShowBiz - quick!

I am making a memory disc for a young lady turning 21 next weekend. I am using Arcsoft ShowBiz and have it running beautifully on the screen. I am using default settings - best fit - for the photos however when I make the movie the pictures that were not originally rectangular in view are stretched and distorted. I am at my wits end. Can anyone help me? : :sad:

is there anyway to tell it to just fill in the sides? i have not used the software - but if you change the default settings to best fit - there should be some option about filling in with black or blue or somethign around the edges.

I also have a problem with Arcsoft, but I do not know how to start a post. Can somebody help me out here. I’m new at this.

Looks like you were able to make a new thread after all:

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