Need help with anydvd and clonedvd2



I finally figured out how to post so I am sorry if I irritated anyone with how I was asking questions… Anyway, I copy regular dvd movies all the time using dvd decryptor and clonedvd2 but cannot copy some newer movies like “the fog”, “Stealth”, “Bewitched” and a few others.

I just downloaded a trial copy anydvd and only have my one plextor dvd burner. Can I copy the newer encrypted disks? With one dvd drive only, how do I rip to my hard drive with these software titles so I can then use clonedvd2 to copy?


go back to the thread in which you first asked this question. i answered you.


You can use anydvd in the background or just using the anydvd ripper to rip to your hd. But it doesn’t matter if you’ve only one burner first rip then burn.


first off…I really wish I even knew what a thread was and if i did i sure wish i knew how to find it…Unfortunately they only taught English at the schools I attended…thanks though


you just created a thread. a thread is a new topic.

you made a post in a previuos thread about this same topic. (in the future, remember that double posting is not allowed)

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here is the answer i gave you in the other thread:


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what! i was polite! i explained what a thread was and told them that for future reference to watch their double posting! i went out of my way to bepolite because this person is obviously very new!

maybe it’s because my repsonses are rather short? in my first response i assumed that they had missed my reply which was why i told them that i answered them in the other thread…