Need help with an awkward disc copy

Hi, found this forum with the power of Google, and it looks like a good place to help me with a problem i have.

I’m trying to copy a CD but am having some problems. What i ‘think’ is causing the problem is that the disc seems to have free space on it, even though its a CDR copy itself. The properties show it as having 683Mb used space and 20Mb free. I assume that this should not be right as i was under the impression that a CDR had to be finalised or something to work properly?
Saying that, the software itself runs and installs without any problems that i can see. :confused:

I have been using Nero in the past to copy my CDs, and have always found it to be pretty reliable, but after my recent problem with this particular CD, i have discovered CloneCD and i think i’ll be using it from now on. :slight_smile: CloneCD will copy the disc with apparent success if i select a write speed of 32x or less, but after burning the properties show that it is full with 661Mb of data. Can anyone tell me what causes this and whether my copy is in danger of being corrupt somehow. After running the copy on my machine, the programs ‘seem’ to run ok, but i have no real way of checking this for sure?

Many thanks and i hope someone can help me.


Anyone? :bow:

If the copies are running OK on your computer then thats all you really need to worry about.

If you copy was corrupt I doubt that it would play at all. Offhand I can’t think why a CDR would have free space on it unless you formated the CDR for use with the drap and drop facility in Nero, Easy CD Creator or possibly Micro$oft XP.

Just using CloneCD to copy your cds isn’t going to work for long. This program just wont copy every protection around.

When you get to the point that you are making coasters I would recommend using the search button on this site to help you.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I spend a good few hours searching this site before i registered and made this post. I learnt quite a lot in those few hours, including the possibility that it may be down to my use of Nero that i have a stack of duff CDRs under the desk.

I too do not understand why the CDR has free space showing, but after reading these forums i thought it may have something to do with whoever burnt the CD trying to put some of protection on it?

Just using CloneCD to copy your cds isn’t going to work for long. This program just wont copy every protection around.

What do you mean by this? I don’t intend on copying a wide range of software, it is just this one that i thought was unusual?