Need Help With An Audio CD



Well I Bought A Copy Of Sevendust’s Southside Double-Wide CD and it has the CDS-100 copy protection (says right on the cd)…is there anyways i can defeat it so i can rip the songs??


I usually just rip the tracks right off with Exact Audio Copy. CDS has never been a problem for me.


Exact Audio Copy dosent work for me :sad:


In Exact Audio Copy > Drive Options
On the Extraction Method tab, make sure you are not using a secure extraction method.
For CDS protected discs I find that Synchronised - Fast mode is the best. Secure mode will make the track extraction time very long.
Also if you installed the CDS software that comes on the discs it is best to uninstall it.



ok i tryed that, but it dosent record the sound (like 3 seconds of track 1 works, then it dies…) any other suggestions?

BTW, its the new version of CDS-100 with 3 sessions (99 tracks)


Which programm do you use?
Which drive to rip/burn?

I have naver had problems with this protection. I’m always using the latest CloneCd and a Plextor Premium for reading/writing.


i have the latest clonecd and a memorex drive :stuck_out_tongue:


Use isobuster to rip tracks and then just tag using FOOBAR2000. that is an excellent method.


ISOBuster cant even read the disc, it gives off alot of errors for every sector

ehhh screw it, ill just download all the songs for the album i own


It may help to change the extraction method from a Secure Mode to a Synchronized Mode (I think the Fast Mode is the only one available).


Look at the disc in a good light. You will notice a slightly less reflective ring around the outermost edge of the data tracks. This is a fake TOC designed to confuse your drive and PC. With a black permanent marker, draw over that ring. If the disc is full of phony data tracks after the audio tracks, you don’t even have to be particularly careful when blacking out the fake TOC.

After you do this, EAC may recognize the disc, but have trouble reading it, depending on what drive you use. It may help to extract only one track at a time.

More advanced versions of this protection interweave the data tracks and the fake TOC, making it a pain to get around.