Need help with ADS DVD Xpress

I just found this thing I bought a year ago and I cant seem to get it working.

I dint have the install CD so I went to the company website and got the latest drivers but windows wont recognize it as a video capturing device. it’s the the ADS DVD Express USB version.

When I load nero it knows it there but it says its not working. I downloaded the program it came with and it works in that only.

I was hopeing to have it work in all programs like nero or windows movie maker. I just want to know how to make windows recognize it as a capture device (Im runing XP).

Any help would be nice as I have been at this for hours trying to get it to work properly, Thanks.

Many of these devices are meant to run with propriatary software. Sometimes you can get them to work with programs such as huffyuv, virtualvcr, etc. Sometimes not. Find a Ulead forum, and search to see what others are doing. Almost every device out there has some software limitations.