Need Help with a Sony DW-Q30A



I just got this installed. I haven’t yet tried to burn anything, but when just trying to play DVDs in it, I have a problem. The bigger the company that made the DVD, the worse the DVD plays. I have a Dog Whisperer DVD that plays ok. My Boondock Saints DVD plays the video, but no audio. Then I tried Walk the Line & 4 Brothers & I got a scrambled picture & no audio.

Any help on this?


Is your DMA off?


It’s on, setting is DMA Ultra 5 in primary & 6 in the secondary.
Tried it on & off, it made no change.



maybe it is an issue with your DVD playback software. Try VLC or Media Player Classic. Both are free software.

Also, you should check, if these discs are copy protected (that should be stated on the cover). This could also affect playback on PC drives in a negative way.



Thanks, I downloaded VLC & it seems to be working fine now.