Need help with a Slovak/SVKP protected DVD-ROM

I have a Japanese game called Jingai Makyou (it’s one of those interactive novel things) and it’s on DVD. The problem is that I can’t make a working back up copy of the game DVD. Any time I make a copy I basically burn a coaster as it “knows” that the DVD isn’t original.

I used Protection ID on the disc and found nothing. When I scan the EXE for the game however, it comes up with Slovak Protection. Here’s the info it comes up with:

Scanning -> C:\Program Files\NitroPlus\jingaimakyo\NitroSystem.exe
File Type : Exe, Size : 434188 (06A00Ch) Bytes
-> File has 151564 (02500Ch) bytes of appended data starting at offset 045000h
[!] SVKP - Slovak Protector encrypted !

  • Scan Took : 0.490 Seconds

I found what I thought were relevant threads by searching here the only “related” thread I found was this (there was a German thread but I can’t read German):

It seems as though Slovak is used to hide the real copy protection? Or is this telling me that Slovak/SVKP IS the copy protection?

The other problem I had, as I was going to rip an image with Alcohol, was trying to select the different profiles. When using a CD you can change to any burn/rip profile you want, but when it comes to DVD you can choose ANY of the other profiles (like SecureRom and so on I mean).

Does anyone know of some way I might be able to make a working back up of this title? It was kind of expensive, all things considered, and I’d like to play from a DVD-R OR from an image if I can get it to work that way (no luck thus far).

Any advice is appreciated, even if it is to tell me to give up and just play with the original…