Need help with 6750

Apparently other have had problems with this drive. I found treads, but no resolutions. At least none that I could decipher.

At any rate, here’s my problem. I bought this drive back in April of last year. I installed it it my HP 9600 notebook and at first it appeared to be working properly. I could boot from the drive, I could burn CDs & DVDs. However, upon inserting a commercial stamped DVD movie, it wouldn’t read. Any DL movie would just grind away trying to read, but ultimately fail. I sent the drive back and got an exact replacement. New drive had the same problem. I updated the firmware and the problem persisted. I kinda gave up on it. A month later I came across a deal on a slim USB 2.0 enclosure and figured I might be able to use it as an external drive. It still didn’t work, in fact, it didn’t work at all. The computers I connected it to would see it, but the drive light would come on and stay on even without a disc in it. I gave up again. Incidently, the drive enclosure works fine with a DVD reader in it.

Now I’m cleaning up my junk and decided to give to give it another try. I have discovered another point. It works perfectly if there are no other optical drives in the system. On my desktop, if I connect it to the IDE bus (with the adaptor) without another optical drive in the system it works fine. Same when I connect it to the USB bus.

This thing just doesn’t play well with other optical drives. The truely ironic part is that the other 2 optical drives in my desktop are NECs as well.

Anybody got any thoughts?