Need help wiring Panasonic DVR with Denon receiver



I need help with wiring my home media system so I can see on the TV what I’m going to record on my Panasonic DVR. My setup is:

  • Denon AVR-3805 receiver
  • Panasonic DMR-EZ485V VCR/DVD recorder combo
  • Comcast DX3400 DVR Cablebox for HD TV signal source
  • Tivo Series 2 non-digital L DVR
  • Maxent 1080i HD TV
  • Single room 5.1 speakers

Before my older model Panasonic DVR died, I had it wired just fine. But now I either forgot how I had wired it or the newer Panasonic behaves differently, or it’s defective. Panasonic customer service is singularly unhelpful. They could only verify that if the RF cable and TV were hooked directly into the EZ485V and I could change channels, all was well. They don’t understand receivers at all, nor do they appreciate that I don’t even want to change channels on the EZ485V, that I want to record time-shifted programs from the Comcast box’s so its internal HD doesn’t fill up before I’ve had a chance to watch them.

I want to get the highest quality video and audio signal that I can, component video or HDMI and digital audio if possible, and be able to see the signal that I’m recording on the EZ485V. Can anyone help me? I can list the wiring that I’m currently using, if that helps.


Ok, first off do you have the manuals for operating the unit?? That would be the usual first step to do on any kinda video equipment setup as manufacture may have different setups from one item to another and how to hook up for proper settings as well as menu settings onscreen.


I do have the manuals, and they can be found online here:
Denon receiver:
Panasonic VCR/DVR:
My problem centers around my desire to see what signal my receiver is sending to my VCR/DVR. So I turn the knob on my receiver to “VCR” and would expect to see whatever is playing on my VCR, as if I hit the “Play” button there. But a VCR not only play, it records too. But there’s only one knob on the receiver. So how I see what the INPUT to my VCR is from the standpoint of the receiver? I have the VCR outputs wired to the VCR IN on my receiver and visa versa for the VCR inputs. I have the TV cablebox outputs wired to the TV inputs on my receiver and Monitor out from my receiver to the TV.