Need Help ... Windows 'stuck' in CD burning mode?

Can anyone help me solve this problem …

I tried to burn an audio mp3 file in a cd … but due to some errors the burning was stopped

now everytime i open my D drive it shows the unburned files and it cant read any other discs.

and the toolbar shows " BURN FILES TO CD"

ive tried deleting the files , it worked in the first time but it wont work now …

any help plz… :bow:

Turn off windows burning software.

Right click on “My computer”->Manage->Services and Apps->Services->Imapi CD-Burning Services.

Right click on the imapi CD-Burning Services & select "Properties"
Change “Manual” to disabled.
And press stop.

Now download the Nero infotool, run it & please post the resultant log.
It will also help us, if you tell us what program you are using to burn your CD.

I think it much better to uncheck the “Enable CD Recording” option against the burner itself.
That’ll be My Computer, right click on the burner & select properties. The the Recording tab. Clear the option above.