Need Help - Win98Se and Lan Card

HI, I need help…

About a week ago, I bought a Lan Card (Nexus), and right now it’s on my PC. I have a dual boot PC, which is XP and 98SE. after I plugged the Lan Card, I just want to use XP as the OS for networking, so I disable the Nexus LanCard on 98SE, after that the weirdo problem appears : my Windows 98SE Help File is Missing, and I can’t use Internet on 98 SE. My Opera 6.05 Crash, also my IE6 if I’m connected to the Internet ( still DialUp ). If I enable the LanCard, I cant log on to 98SE.

Could Somebody Help Me???Please don’t tell me to Re - Install Windows or Format the Harddisk… ( well, The other forum did that :bigsmile: )

If you are missing some files you need to replace them and the easiest way is with system file checker, start, programs , accessories, system tools, system information, and then the tools tab under here you will find the system file checker let it scan for missing files and using your 98 disk it should replace what you are missing, now as far as IE goes maybe your connection settings got messed up, you need to go into internet properties and check your connection settings. You then may want to check your networking in the control panel make sure dial-up networking is still there… Windows XP although will dual boot it does not like to at all…

Did that…no luck

it seems that only the Help files are missing, but I cannot use the browsers, even when I’m online ( sorry for bad English before ). I can connect to Internet, but i can’t browse the internet using these 2 browsers, IE 6 and Opera