Need help will read but wont write

I have a 1300a I have flashed the firmware to 1.07 1.08 1.09 and 1.0a it will read and write to sony +rw but when I try tdk +r and imitation +r and imitation -r it will read the dvd that I am trying to copy(I am usin dvd x copy platinum express mode) when it goes to write it says writing for about 1- seconds then finalising then error, when it does it correctly it says formatting first. is the media I am using wrong and if so what media would you suggest? I downloaded dvd infopro maybe I am wrong but when I go to dvd bitsetting and try to change it from dvd rw to +r or -r it will not let me(should I be doing this), is my dvd somehow set on just writing to rw disks? if so how do I change it?

thank you

I have been reading here for 3 days trying to find my own answers with the search, that is how I cam about the different firmwares

TDK, and Imation media should work well with your burner.
Although I cannot be sure unless you post the MID codes.

Try some of the items listed in my Troubleshooting guide here:

I would also try using another burning application. DVD Xcopy is not known to be the best…

Any packet writing software installed on your PC?