Need Help! Which DVD Media used with LG4163B (problem with G05 batch crap!)

I have all kind of problem with crappy Ritek G05 Media. I want to switch to another brand. Actually I can buy Verbatim, Tanyo Yuden and Prodisc by Online Canadian reseller (I live there). I’m using white printable Media to match my R200 Epson Printer.
My DVD Burner is LG4163B, any advice?

Almost anything will do better than your G05 if these were not Ridata or Traxdata branded. :bigsmile:

The Verbatims and Taiyo Yudens will be the best choices in your list. Browse the LG forum to see which models burn the best in your drive. :wink:

Limit your burn speeds to 12x or 8x and the LG is a flawless burner with almost any media. TY G03 will burn prety well at 16x, (12x is not available for -R).
MCC -R is 8x only for good results, MCC +R is best at 12x.
TY G02 is 8x only, T02 is nearly perfect at 12x.

Ricoh R03 is great at 12x. CMC is also good in the LG. Prodisc is average.

Hahaha, true :bigsmile:

I’ve said this more times than I care to mention, but MIJ MAXELL002 burns beautifully in my 4163…but it’s so easy to get caught out with Ritek-made ones :frowning:

Verbatim and TY would be my first choices too, although I’ve had excellent burns on all my burners with Prodisc F02 (16x) media.

The 4163 is a great drive, you should be able to get excellent results with a number of different types of media as mentioned above. I’d look for a sale on Verbatim (they seem to go on sale and have rebates online fairly often, at least here in the U.S.) and buy that, all though there are plenty of other choices that would work fine that have already been mentioned.