Need help, whice dvd burner to buy

hey, i got 4 burners in my list:
nec 4551
lg gsa h10
pioneer dvr 110
sony dwq30a
whice 1 is the best? or you got any other recommendation for me?

Welcome to the forum. This question comes up so much that you have to deal with a few people avoiding it.

The NEC has a very poor firmware so you should avoid it unless you use TYG02 exclusively or are prepared to wait for good burns on other media.

The LG is too new so you should wait as well.

I am not sure who makes the Sony.

I would pass on the Pioneer 110 and go to the 111. I have had very good burn quality with MCC 003, MCC 004, and TY T02. It does a decent job with TYG02 as well.

as far as I know sony’s are still rebadged lite-on’s.

add BenQ 1650 to your list.

Looks like the Sony is a Liteon 1635. My advice stands. Get the 111.

hey man, is this the dvr 111 ??
tnx for the help

Yes, looks like a Pio burner.


I’ve spent the last couple days looking for a good DL burner. My top goals are burn quality and ability to read tricky DVDs (scratches, marks, whatever). Would prefer to also have decent media compatibility and speed.

I’m considering:

LG GSA-4167B
BenQ DW-1650B
NEC ND-3550A
Pioneer DVR-111D

I see Arachne (moderator) has an LG 4167B in her system (also a 4163B) and would love to know how she evaluates it. ???

I gather you are saying your choice would be the Pioneer. Would you mind saying a little as to why?

Thanks for your time, it’s appreciated – Trevor

Welcome to the forum. You probably don’t know this but you are hi-jacking a thread. This is when you take someone else’s post and ask your own question. It is frowned upon. In any case, the answer will inform all so here goes.

When you buy a drive you need to look at burn quality, bitsetting, ripping ability, Lightscribe ability, and scanning ability.

First you choose the media you will be burning. Look at what is available where you will buy and what others are recommending. In the US, the best cost $30-$40 per 100. Middle quality is $25-$40. Crap is $15-$40.

Then you look up bitsetting and see if you need or want it. It only pertains to +R and +RW media.

Then you look at different drive ripping speeds and see if you need very fast, medium, or if slow will suffice. This only pertains to pressed DVDs, more for dual layer than single layer.

You then read up on scanning and decide if you want to take advantage of seeing how well your burns are going.

Price is not an issue unless for some reason you feel you want a Plextor. Then you need to be prepared to pay 2.5-3X as much. Otherwise drives cost $40-$50.

If you decide you want to utilize Lightscribe, add $10-$15.

Once you take the time to go through these steps, you will be down to very few drives. If any particular feature is more important, they move that step to first place. After that, you can see what others with experience say. The way I would post would be:

“I am considering buying drive X. Do any of you out there have any direct experience with media X, good or bad?”

Any of the above drives you suggest would do a good job on some media. The questions above will provide your answer for you.

“I would pass on the Pioneer 110 and go to the 111. I have had very good burn quality with MCC 003, MCC 004, and TY T02. It does a decent job with TYG02 as well.”

Actually, I wasn’t hijacking, I was following up on your Pioneer recommendation by asking why you recommended it. (Unless you define hijacking as anybody asking a closely related question in a thread other than the original poster – which would put you in the minority from my previous experience in forums. To follow your definition would increase the number of essentially identical threads, and probably irritate other forum visitors as well as further reduce responses.) However, I gather the above must cover it.