Need help weird problem with my BENQ and PS2 game

Im using 1620a and encounter a weird problem that never occured before.
I downloaded a PS2 game off BT that is in ISO format and when I burn that into a PS2 game dvd the first time everything works fine.
However when I burn that ISO onto a dvd for backup (as one iso data file), and at a later time extract that same ISO from the backup dvd to burn as a PS2 game dvd a second time, it screws up.
It still burns successfully as a PS2 game dvd but when you try to read the disc, it gives tons of errors. But Nero quality test still gives me a score of 97.
Please help Im confused why this is occuring it seems to be the same file from beginning to end.

Downloading games is illegal and not supported by this forum. Thread closed.