Need help w/ Yamaha CRW3200EBEK please

I just purchased a Yamaha CRW3200EBEK at an office supply store in my area. Then, I came home to do some comparison shopping on the web before I opened the package. I can’t find information on this drive anywhere… not even on Yamaha’s website! The closest thing I can find is a CRW3200EZ. I may return drive and buy something else. Please look at the differences below and tell me what you think. I will only list things that are different between the two. Everything else is the same.


  1. “Audio Master Quality Enhancement System”


  1. “Fine tuned for business applications.”
  2. “CD Text Support” - Encode music CD album and track titles, artists name, and messages directly onto the disc.
  3. “Flash-ROM”
  4. “Purephase Laser System”
  5. “RapidLinked Packet Writing”

Which one is newer/better? My primary use for the burner is audio CDs. Will the CRW3200EBEK handle audio CD’s well? The “Audio Master System” sounds great.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

I looked up “Yamaha CRW3200EBEK” on Google and got 13 hits, including a $20 rebate from Yamaha. :wink: Try Google Search.

It seems to be the same drive, except for marketing B.S. geared for the office supply stores.

The retail atapi internal is CRW3200E-VK.
E means E-IDE/ATAPI. the VK is probably means retail and not bulk (without software). Check if you have the bulk.


I already have the rebate, but thanks for the heads-up! I read through several posts on Google Groups, but didn’t quite find what I was looking for. I think you are right, the drive is the same, but the bundled SW is different. I was hoping someone could tell me that with certainty. Thanks for the input.


I definitely have a retail package. It is an E-IDE/ATAPI internal drive, but the part number ends with EBEK. Thanks for the info.

About the software. My drive had Nero, incd, Nero Mix, and a CDRW and a CDR disk yamaha lebeled.