Need help w/ overburn



I was always able to use overburn w/ nero just fine. One day i installed neroexpress, didnt like, reinstalled, and now i cant overburn. I changed the setting in expert that allows me to overburn, and i kept it at 82min overburn, but it still will not work. I get error cannot write TAO format or something. I am using CRW3200EZ Yamaha CDRW and TDK32xcds. Im trying to burn somethin thats just a bit over 700mbs. I really need help, I have spent like 4 hrs on this and nothing has helped.

One more question. I am trying to upgrade my firmware, but i need to shut dma off. The yamaha website says change it in devicemanager after click the CRW3200EZ, but i dont have the button to click.. I have the same screen as the website, (screenshot) but i dont have a dma w/ a box to click, its just not there at all. Is there another way to shut DMA off, or can i just upgrade my firmware safely w/out shutting it off, if i dont have the option

Thx for you time in advance


overburning is only possibly in DAO mode, not TAO


Originally posted by ckin2001
overburning is only possibly in DAO mode, not TAO

He’s right!

About DMA. Go to devicemanager->IDE/ATAPI controllers->properties primary ide channel->advanced settings->transfermode (=drop-down-box)