Need help w/ HP DVD+-R 16X @ office max (which is on sale)

i`m not in the us and i have a cousin who is and dunoo shit about dvd’s

so he told me there is a sale at officemax for hp dvd-r’s 16x -+ both

i would like to know if anyone is using them or made a purchase from office max

how are the disc ? whats the media code and how is the performance

i would appreciate scans of few months old or current !

bottomline : should i buy them or not ? (any other deals u can recommend me , dont care if its 8x or 16x)

officemax is the only one located near his place orangeburg,sc (if anyone know some other stores there let me know)

my burner is a sony dru 800a and currently i have sony mit 8x-+ both but are very expensive where i live

HP DVDs are made by CMC. They should be okay, if you have a burner with current firmware. There are better discs though.