Need help w/ firmware making drive burn at 1x



Hello, this question has probably been asked tons of times and answered tons of time. i have searched the forums and couldn’t find nothing on the subject because i don’t know what keywords to look up. But the problem is i have a LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-812S drive and i got the firmware and i got the omnipatcher. The current mini speed of the driver is 2.4x i need it to burn at 1x so i can properly backup my PS2 games. But after i run the firmware it’s mini burn speed is still 2.4. I am clearly useing this program wrong so i need an explanation on how to patch the firmware properly so my driver will burn at 1x. I’m sorry again to say but my programing knowledge if very limited so im going to need as detailed instructions as possible. I already have the firmware for the driver and the omni patch and i am useing DVD decrypter to burn the CD’s and i have the write speed set for 1x, but once i select burn it speeds up to 2.4. Any help anyone can provide will be great. thanks for reading my post.


Why do you need to burn at 1x to properly back up your playstation games? I burnt my first game at 8x and the kprobe scans didnt look the best so now I burn at 4x. I have backed up all my games ( all 5 of them ) at 4x without a single problem and the only game I havent backed up is GT4 but thats because you cant.


@you can’t burn lower than 2,4x speed with your drive.


thanks for the help, i’ll just burn at 4x thanks for clearing that up.


How can I patch the firmware of my liteon SOWH 1673S to burn CD-R at 2x? I need to burn at this speed to make a test.


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