Need Help w/burning Sides A & B to one 4.7 Disk



I’ve messed around with this a bit but thus far have been unsuccessful. I am trying to back up an older dvd of the movie “Goodfellas.” The DVD has the first half of the movie on one side and then requires me manually flipping the DVD over for the second half of the movie. My goal is to have both sides compressed onto a single 4.7GB disk. (And of course once dual layer media is reasonably priced, backing it up on one DL DVD at full quality.) I am going to run into this a few more times since I know I have a few more like this still to back-up. Any suggestions?


Do a search on how to backup flippers.


Basically you are trying to combine 2 DVD into 1, CloneDVD is not the program to do that with. I have read a few post where people have combined 2 into 1, you will have to do a search


create/save 2 DVD files (one for each side) and then use Nero recode to put both files onto one disc


I’ve figured it out already! Thanks for responding. I used DVD Shrink and DVD decrypter. I came here since this is the only program I’ve used for anything I’ve done to date.


What did you do with DVD Shrink and Decrypter?