Need help w/3500 and/or Pioneer 108 decision?

Need some help making a decision on the Nec 3500 or the Pioneer 108. I hope this want be a biased comparison I’m not sure about the 108 because I heard it only burns at 5x locked, should I get the A08? :confused: I want some fast reliable burns with 8x media at 12x speed on +r and -r and want the best drive to backup my xbox games. Can you guys help me out with some decision making facts.


If you want to burn + and - r discs at 12x and use them on the Xbox, get the NEC3500.
The xbox needs +r discs to be bitset ( at least mine does) and the pioneer 108 can’t do that. The NEC can bitset with the modified firmware.
I have got the pioneer 108 and I am very pleased with it, but I use dvd-r discs all the time, so bitsetting is not a problem.

Gotcha, I heard the ps2 uses -r is that true. I keep hearing booktype and bitsetting, can you give me a one para explanation of what this is? Also, is the Nec good for ps2 and xbox? Which firmware: herri?

Should I get the A08 or the 108?

108 or A08??
Depends on the price differential.
Don’t dismiss the nec though.
I would be happy with either nec or pioneer drives.

booktype/bitsetting- a shop bought dvd film is recognised as a dvd-rom.
With dvd+r you can use bitsetting so that it is recognised in a dvd player/xbox etc as a dvd-rom instead of dvd+r , thus improving the compatibility.
Bitsetting does not work with dvd-r, but usually they are reasonably compatible anyway.

thanks for the quick reply. 2 more questions though. What about the 5x write speed lock I read is on the 108? I have a tdk now and supposedly it is a nec. It was good to me but I need more speed. I read that the nec produces more errors than the pioneer and is slower. Any response

5 write speed lock???
1st I have ever heard about it.
Do you mean the rip lock?
There should be a modded firmware out soon to remove the rip lock
I can’t vouch for the read quality of the nec , but the pioneer is ok . I haven’t had any problems with it.

Possibly the rip lock, what is the difference?

riplock is where the drive is limited in its read speed