Need help video card

hi… im buying a video card the cost only 20$ its an ATI x700 256mb and the one i have right now is ATI x200 128mb… if anyone can help me find a better card that goes below 40$ it would really help…

My specs are
AMD athlon 64 2.00GHZ
1gigs of ram DDR
ATI x200 128mb onboard card
power supply 300w
dont know my mobo model is
but i can tell u what my computer is
Emachines T6212 i got this comuter
5 years ago

Get it, it’s way better…

power supply 300w

Get it, it’s way better…
[/QUOTE]I guess he should also put a better PSU into the basket :wink:


Get it, it’s way better…

better than the one you are planning to buy but you should check whether your pci-e on your mobo is x16 or else you shouldnt bother

@ mciahel
No, it doesn’t consume much at all.

MSI is kinda slow with their rebates but with free shipping thats a great deal for a modern card.

If you want to spend a little less, its less powerful but a modern card: POWERCOLOR AX4650 512MD2-LH Radeon HD 4650