Need help. Verbatim CD-RW will not work in car

Hi I purchased a pack of Verbatim Hi-Speed 8x-12x 700mb SERL CD,s.

Everytime I try to record any audio on them my player in the car tell me no CD is present. They play fine in my CD-ROM drive in my pc.

Can someone please help me. I am stuck.


It does work fine with CD-R does it?
I believe it does not like the bad reflectivity which is usual with CD-RWs. Are those CD-RWs MIS?

Hi [I]midiman[/I], welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:
Sadly some car players (and not only) do not play rewritable media (RW) [B]at all[/B]…
What is the model/brand of your car stereo?



CD and DVD RW’s are notorious for being “unreliable”. They are good to use for perfecting your burning skills before you go on to a CD-R.
I have some DVD-RW’s that work on my computer but cannot be seen by my HDD/DVD recorder under any circumstances although the DVD drive is spec’d for them?


I can burn to 700mb 52X Memorex CD-R no problem. But its a pain as I dont want to use a CD per album if you know what I mean. I would like to be able to erase it at a later date and add another.

So this is the reason why I bought CD-RW for my car.

Its a BMW boot mutlichanger for an E-46.

The disks are Verbatim High Speed CD-RW 8x-12x 700mb SERL. Thats all it says on the box.


Does it play mp3s? If not, there is a good chance that it won’t read rewritables… check the manual to see if CD-RW is mentioned somewhere…


just checked the manual. Its dosnt say what it plays.

Just CD,s

I may try burning a MP3 to a CD and checking that. But I think its these dam disks.

How old is the changer? Almost any car CD player/changer over 4-5 years old will not read CD-RW’s, and some of the newer, cheaper brands still don’t.

Thats very typical. Most older CD players especially in cars do not support CD-RW format. You have to use CD-R in that case. My old factory-installed CD player is the same. Years ago I bought a portable CD player that specifically lists support for CD-RW and can use that in the car. Though now I want MP3 support and that requires an even newer model CD player! Time to upgrade the car CD player to a new model that lists CD-MP3 support too!

Model number of the multichanger would help and radio, I tried googling for more info (always a good way to go ifyou want info not in the manual) and absolutely nothing is coming up. Tried E-46 and got the car.

I have a BMW 328i with a radio that sounds similar - boot CD loading etc. It won’t read any sort of homemade CD. I’ve used both R & RW. I don’t know what sort the CDs are (they’re the printable ones and I usually rip off the labels of the containers - I find it easier to see whether that packs used or not) but simply won’t work.

If it’s probably just the type of CD, is there any particular brand of CD that you would recommend using? Preferably Lightscribe enabled as my new laptop uses that [: also does any particular program work better than others? I’ve used iTunes on “Audio CD” setting and I think I used Nero at one point but I’m not too sure. does it make no difference?

Never mind - whoops. Tried out an ordinary TDK 700mb CD-R and it worked perfectly. If I didn’t love my new laptop before… I do now XD
I tried it with the exact same CD with my old laptop, both using iTunes, and the new one worked while the old one (not even all that old, as things could go, only a late '06 model) didn’t…